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Friends On A Walk


Unravel was started in 2020 to help people to find ways to feel connected to their loved ones; to understand them and to feel understood. 


If you've felt frustrated, isolated, misunderstood, or like your friends and family have lost all touch with reality (or worse, that perhaps you may have gone mad yourself, because they make so little sense to you now!), then you've come to the right place. We can relate.

Through a mixture of communication, psychology and wellbeing techniques, we'll empower you to develop more harmonious and rewarding communication styles to improve relations with the people around you.  

We run regular online workshops and will be starting in-person work-shops in 2022.


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Meet The Team



Daisy is a lawyer with a history in sales, mother to twins and founder of organic breastfeeding hoodie line: Supersprogs. She founded Unravel in 2020.  Whether the 'Unravel' name comes from a reflection of her own mental state at the time, or a mission statement about the mainstream narrative, we'll leave to your imagination


David Charalambous

David is a regular contributor, friend of Unravel and founder of Reaching People.

His background involves 25 years consulting to multinational clients and one on one with individuals from all walks of life. These include mums and dads through to athletes, high performers and business leaders.

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